Executive Meeting at 4:00 PM, Monday April 3rd at Tipton City Hall. This is right before the regular TMU board meeting. TMU will be closed Friday, April 7th for Good Friday.

Water Department

Water Faucet IconOur East Water Treatment Plant is located at 310 N. East Street.  This plant is supplied by seven (7) deep wells located east and north of the treatment plant.  The wells pump the raw water to the plant from depths of from 125 to 345 feet.  The water comes from the gravel formations or limestone formations deep below the surface.  The water is then aerated, filtered and chlorinated before being pumped into the distribution system.  We have 3 clean water storage tanks which hold the water until it is actually used.  These consist of a 500,000 gallon ground tank at the plant as well as two 300,000 gallon overhead tanks.  This facility can provide a combined flow of more than 2,600 gallons per minute (GPM) or approximately 3.75 million gallons per day (MGD).  The East Plant can provide fire protection at a rate of 500,000 gallons in the first hour and can also provide 600,000 gallons per day operating from a 375 KVA Emergency Generator, if necessary.  Overhead tank levels and well pumps are monitored by computer with a radio control alarm system for twenty-four (24) hour a day protection. 

Our West Water Treatment Plant is located just north of the FCA Plant on County Road 560 West.  This Water Plant currently serves the FCA plant and will someday serve the entire local area as development occurs near US 31.  This plant is supplied by 3 wells pulling water from the gravel formations and again aerating, filtering and chlorinating before being pumped into the distribution system.  The maximum rated capacity of this plant is 1 million gallons per day.  The only storage at this time is a 500,000 gallon ground tank and water pressure is regulated by pumps as opposed to an overhead water tank.

Our Water Department is managed by Water Superintendent Jeff Heard.  Superintendent Heard has been a water department employee since 1988 and is in charge of the daily operations at both the East and West Plants.  His prime objective is to furnish pure, clean, and safe water to our residential, commercial, and industrial customers at the most economical rates possible.  Superintendent Heard has a staff of three (3) licensed plant operators, and (2) licensed distribution attendants.  The Water Department employees are continually updating their engineering aptitude as it applies to the license requirements of the Clean Water Act.

Our water customers enjoy some of the lowest water rates in the State of Indiana.  Through good management, cooperation of employees, and well-maintained facilities, we will continue to provide Tipton and the surrounding area with a good clean water supply.