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TMU is a member of the Indiana 811 network and spends a great deal of effort to locate any of our utilities that are underground.  The following are points of interest you should know before starting any excavation projects.
  1. After you call 811 and request the locate, the Utility has 72 hours to mark any of their utilities within the requested area.  If the dig site is increased after the locate is completed, you should call in another located instead of assuming where the lines "probably run".  It is better to be safe than sorry.
  2. 811 Utility locates are only for pipes or wires owned by the Utility.  Secondary wires or lateral service lines beyond the meter belong to the property owner and not the Utility.  Those lines will not be marked by Utility personnel and the responsibility for locating secondary wires or pipes rests with the property owner.
  3. How accurate is the mark on the ground?  The mark should be very close, but the excavator is still responsible for anything within 2 feet either side of the mark.  For this reason, it is wise to cautiously hand dig or hydro vac the area to avoid any damage to the wires or pipes.  Most importantly, all primary utility wires carry very high voltage, and accidentally damaging a wire may cause personal injury or death

Find additional information regarding by visiting the Indiana 811 website!

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