Current System Information

Electric Department:

Outages:  None at this time.

Projects:  South Loop Project - Presently working on South Street.  Please use caution in that area.

IMPA Solar Park - Construction has begun on the new solar park just west of Tipton on State Road 28.  When completed, the park will generate 5.25 Megawatts of energy which will all be consumed by the City of Tipton and the surrounding area.

South Water Tower

Water Department:

Main Breaks:  None

Projects:  South Water Tank Renovation Project has been completed and the tank is now back in service.  

The North Water Tank is currently being sand blasted and repainted on the inside of the Tank only.  Work should tank two to three weeks.

Waste Water Department:

East Plant - Everything functioning properly.

West Plant - Plant has been seeded and actual processing has begun.  The plant will continue to be fine tuned over the next few weeks, but is finally operational after its initial construction 10 years ago.  All is going well so far and this plant coming on line will now become and asset to the area.

Storm Water Department:

Everything functioning properly.

Phase III of our Long Term Control Plan which is a large interceptor sewer running along Cicero Creek from the East Wastewater Plant to West Street, is currently in the design phase.