The Goldsmith Wastewater Project is a project that will someday allow the residents of Goldsmith to connect into our Kempton Forcemain and have their wastewater treated at our West Wastewater Plant.

Currently, the residents of Goldsmith are using septic systems of which many are beginning to fail and do not meet today's standards for treatment. It is our desire to provide an option for those residents in the event their system fails and a new septic system is not practical due to cost or limited space.  Since the community is unincorporated, the issue becomes the responsibility of the Tipton County Board of Commissioners (BOC).  TMU and the BOC have been working together to address this issue and develop a plan for the future.   

The plan at this time will be to use a small diameter force main system which is considerably less expensive than a gravity system.  Each homeowner will own their own individual grinder station and connect into a force main which will someday run along each street.  In May of 2018, the initial tap was made to the Kempton Force Main and the first resident was connected.  TMU and the BOC are currently looking for additional funding sources to design a system for the area.  Once the design is completed, we will be looking for funding sources to assist with the development of the system.  This project will be completed as funds are available.