The South Loop Project is a re-building and re-routing of an electrical feed which will run from Sweetland Avenue along 200 West to Fairgrounds Road, East to State Road 19, North to South Street, east to the alley between Independence Street and East Street, and finally north in the alley to Washington Street.

This cost of this project will be approximately $1.2 million and will address several issues we currently have within the system.  We currently have those funds accumulated in our depreciation account and no funds will be borrowed to complete the project. 

The design work for this project was completed by engineers at the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA), and was competitvely bid. ISC which is the construction wing of IMPA was the successful bidder.
The project should be completed in late 2018.

Issues addressed by this project

  • The Washington Street circuit is nearing capacity and by switching some of the major users to the South Loop, the Washington Street load will be reduced and will then be able to accommodate any new or additional loads on the east side of the City, without having to upgrade Washington Street for several years.
  • This upgrade will allow for any additional load on the southeast, south and southwest sides of the community.
  • As a part of this re-routing, the overhead lines will be removed along the north side of the Fairview Cemetery.  By law, high voltage lines are not permitted to cross a cemetery.  As Fairview expands, this will become an issue in the future.  This project eliminates that issue.
  • In the event of an emergency, this project allows Tipton Hospital to have a second power feed to provide service. 
  • Many of the poles and conductors being replaced are 40 to 50 years old and have reached their useful life.