West Plants

The Water Treatment Plant and Waste Water Treatment Plants that were built for the original Getrag/Chrysler Plant in 2008 were never totally completed.  

The Water Plant is functional and provides FCA with potable water as well as fire protection.  This plant was designed to use a series of pumps and electronic controls to provide water pressure as opposed to an overhead water tower.  We are currently in the process of upgrading much of the electronic equipment since it is 10 years old and most are considered obsolete.  Technology has changed since the plant was built, and we are in the awkward position of needing to upgrade the electronic equipment since replacement parts are extremely expensive - if they can be found.

The Waste Water Plant is in much the same situation as the Water Plant when it comes to the electronics that control the plant.  We are in the process of making those upgrades and numerous other repairs to the plant.  The majority of the plant has sat idle for the last ten years and many parts have deteriorated faster than an operating plant.  We are currently in the process of finalizing the repairs and upgrades as we expect to have the plant in operation soon.  With the completion of the Kempton Force Main and their additional wastewater now coming to the plant, operation will begin as soon as the upgrades are complete and we receive final IDEM approval.