Due to increased traffic surrounding the TMU business office, our office will be closing at 11:30 a.m. Friday September 10th. Please use the drop-box for payments. If you have any questions, please call 765 675-7629.
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Welcome to Tipton Municipal Utilities

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Tipton Municipal Utilities (TMU) operates four separate and distinct utilities that serve the City of Tipton and part of the surrounding areas with electric power, water and waste water collection and treatment.  TMU is owned by the City of Tipton and operates under the direction of the Tipton Utility Service Board.

Tipton Utility Service Board Mission Statement

Resolution #94-4

"The Tipton Utility Service Board will discharge its responsibilities to its owner/customers by using fairly compensated, knowledgeable and skilled personnel to construct, operate, maintain and manage physical facilities that provide high quality electric, water, sewage collection and treatment services at a reasonable cost while meeting operating, environmental and safety standards established by local, state and federal law.  The Board will conduct the stewardship of the utilities in a responsible manner with integrity and honesty to the benefit of its customers and employees."